October 3, 2023

According to the Red Bull boss, the team bosses conference has become 'theatrical'

According to the Red Bull boss, the team bosses conference has become ‘theatrical’

As part of the Canadian Grand Prix, the heads of the Formula 1 teams gather for a meeting. Netflix cameras roll – this leads to excitement,

The basics in brief

  • Red Bull boss Christian Horner is upset about Netflix’s impact on Formula 1.
  • Film crews from “Drive To Survive” even accompany team leaders’ meetings.
  • The result: the debates became “theatrical,” says the Red Bull boss.

Formula 1 is heading into the middle of the season – and it’s in heated debate about the new rules. Because the 2022 era ground-impact cars suffer from a strange phenomenon known as “porpoises”.

Do you think it is right for the FIA ​​to amend the rules in the middle of the season?

Cars on the strait start bouncing up and down. What looks strange from the outside is a real misfortune for drivers in the cockpit. Not least because of this, calls to amend the rules after the Baku race are getting louder.

Will Formula 1 turn into a theater because of Netflix?

Indeed, the FIA ​​has responded with new technical guidance aimed at curbing the swing. However, this was not well received by all teams. A mid-season change rule that will help some teams? This leads to discussions.

So the F1 team chiefs met at the Canadian Grand Prix for a round of talks. However, they weren’t alone – the Netflix cameras were there, too. The discussion was filmed for the “Drive To Survive” Formula 1 series.

And according to Red Bull boss Christian Horner, it wasn’t necessarily helpful to discuss the facts. “I think there was a theatrical touch in that meeting,” the Briton teased Motorsport.com.

Horner claims the FIA’s preference for Mercedes

At the meeting, the question of whether the FIA ​​directive was at all compliant was also discussed. Because it allowed, among other things, the installation of a second brace for the lower body. However, technical regulations only allow one.

“It was particularly disappointing,” Horner says of the FIA’s intervention. “There is a clear process for how something like this can be presented. Something like that has to be discussed in a technical forum – it is just there to solve the team’s problems.”

The Red Bull boss is also upset by the fact that Mercedes has apparently been warned. Because the directive for the second support only came on the way to Montreal. However, Silver Arrows was the only team that had the item with them. “Everyone can calculate this for themselves.”

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