May 22, 2024

According to the media, Apple is negotiating with Google about artificial intelligence technology

AI programs are trained with vast amounts of information, and can formulate sentences or create images at the level of human language. What functions of a smartphone can be used?

According to a media report, Apple is negotiating with Google about integrating the internet company's AI technology into its iPhones. It's about Google's new software called Gemini, the financial service Bloomberg reported on Monday evening. It was said, citing people familiar with the matter, that negotiations are underway to create some new iPhone functionality based on it. Apple has also been in discussions with ChatGPT developer OpenAI. The companies did not initially comment on the report.

Chatbot ChatGPT started the current hype around AI over a year ago. AI programs like ChatGPT and Gemini are trained with huge amounts of information and can, for example, formulate sentences at a human's linguistic level and generate images from text specifications. The principle behind this is that they estimate word for word how a sentence continues – or use visual elements from the captured data.

Google and Apple have long had individual AI-driven functionality in their services and devices, but the success of so-called generative AI like ChatGPT has increased pressure on the tech giants to add similar functionality. Google first encountered chatbot Bard and then updated the software with Gemini. Apple's new AI functionality is expected to debut at its annual developer conference WWDC, where the next software for the company's devices is traditionally presented in June.

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A partnership with Apple could help Google make Gemini AI more popular in competition with OpenAI. Meanwhile, cooperation between the tech heavyweights could prompt action from competition watchdogs, which are already monitoring both companies. This could also be seen as a sign that Apple is not as advanced in developing AI software as the iPhone company would like.

According to media reports, Apple recently halted its car project after about a decade. It was also said that some affected software developers should be working on AI software instead. Google recently received criticism for a mistake it made with Gemini: the program generated images of non-white Nazi soldiers and non-white American settlers using diversity settings that were not adapted to context. The function of generating images from text specifications is then turned off for the time being.