May 24, 2024

Your system can do all this on your PC or Mac

A modern operating system must be very talented and capable of doing a lot of things. We'll tell you which practical apps Windows and macOS offer as standard and which tasks there are better alternatives for.

Many apps come pre-installed on Windows and macOS. They are used by default to open the file type in question; Like Edge on Windows or Safari on macOS for web links. The standard application determines the file name only when you double-click or press Enter (Windows). CMD+Down arrow (Mac) is open. Of course, you can also open files using other applications. To do this, use either right-click and open with Or open the desired application first and then select it Open the file Or similar dialogue.

Unfortunately, changing default applications is tedious in the current generation of operating systems. This was not always the case in the past. Additionally, there is little to no competition for many file types. DOCX almost always opens in Word, and PSD is clearly preferred to Photoshop. As long as the right apps are installed, things usually go smoothly here.

in Windows 11 You can set default applications in two ways:

  • Version 1 Goes up Settings/Applications/Default Apps. There you can either search for a file type or view and set the appropriate file types for an application in the Applications list. You have to go through the file types one by one. Accordingly, it is easier for most people to use the second option.

    Image 1: In this window, select the desired standard application


  • in Alternative 2 Navigate to the file you want to open in a specific program. Right click on it, select open with And Select another application. You will receive a list of suggested apps. Select the application, Image 1, and click on the option always. Now files of the same type should always be opened with the selected application. If the app you want isn't in the list, scroll down Select an application on your computer.
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notice: The application selector also appears if no default application is specified for the file type. When you install apps, they may also reset the default app to make itself the default app.

Default applications are below Mac Change is counterintuitive. In addition, you must perform the process manually for each file type. But once you finish the process once for each file type, macOS reliably remembers this status and you don't have to think about it anymore.

Image 2: macOS uses the information dialog box for standard applications


To change the default application for a file type, locate the corresponding file and open the context menu (Right click, two finger click or Option+click). Choose InformationA pop-up window opens containing various additional data about your file. You can also find the section there open with, Image 2. Below you can select the application with which this file should be opened from the drop-down menu. If the app you want isn't listed in the drop-down menu, you can use it last Choose an app yourself. To set the app as the default for all files of this type, click below the Apps list Everything changed. Otherwise, the application will be set as default for only that one file.

Below we will present the standard applications for Windows and macOS and provide tips if there are better programs.