September 29, 2023

A video of the surprised Russians in the occupied territories went viral

Two Russians say in a videotape that they are facing resistance in the occupied territories. Even when refueling they will have problems.

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«I have the impression that in Zaporizhia and region In Chersonesos, 70 percent of people are against our idea of ​​a “Russian world,” says a man on camera. A clip from the interview with the Russian couple was submitted by Russia Occupied ukrainian territories “as volunteers” spreads on twitter.

The two seemed amazed that the Ukrainians did not particularly approve of the Russian “volunteers” and sometimes even annoyed them. The man describes how he attempted it gas station He is car why not. “At two gas stations they turned us away in a purely Western Ukrainian language and said: go to Putin for gas.” There are many “traitors”. The man asserts: “They are against us.”

A video of bewildered Russians went viral

Video: watson/twitter/gerashchenko_en

The two interviewees appear to be from Kursk, a Russian city north of Kharkiv Ukraine, reports the Ukrainian TV channel «TSN». From time to time Russians travel to the occupied, as they say, Ukrainian lands. But only “early in the morning.” “It’s very dangerous out there at night,” he says, “you don’t want to wake up in the morning.” Then he would prefer to return to the “so-called mainland of Russia.”

In the end, the reporter behind the camera asks: “How can we become sister nations again?” The Russians answer: “Never.” (t-online, ts)

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