May 22, 2024

A new generation of rescuers: US channel Fox picks up a remake of Baywatch

Who will inherit David Hasselhoff and company's 'Baywatch' franchise? Photo: Imago/Everett Collection

Successors to David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson have been secured. Fox has acquired the rights to a “Baywatch” revival. The channel promises an “action-packed reboot” with a “new generation of rescuers.” The original producers are there.

The new version of “Baywatch” is taking shape. According to American media reports Fox has acquired the rights to reboot the cult '90s series. An update to “Baywatch” had been discussed for a long time, but after the lukewarm theatrical version with 51-year-old Dwayne Johnson from 2017, the idea faded. It took until spring 2023 “Deadline” has been reported completed. The magazine reported that a reboot of the series was on the way and that a broadcast partner was being sought. And now Fox has hit.

The premise of the new series sounds like the original one with David Hasselhoff (71) and Pamela Anderson (56). “The daring sea rescues, pristine beaches and iconic red swimsuits are back, along with a whole new generation of lifeguards,” the official announcement reads. New characters will battle through complex and chaotic private lives in the action-packed reboot and show that there is a family you are born into and a family you find.

From the showrunner to update “Beverly Hills, 90210.”

Lara Olsen is the director of the new “Baywatch” series. She was previously responsible for reviving another cult series in the 1990s, “Beverly Hills, 90210.” But the “90210” spinoff couldn't match the success of the original, even though it ran from 2008 to 2013.

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In addition to Lara Olsen, “Baywatch” features three original content creators as producers: Michael Burke, Douglas Schwartz, and Gregory J. Bonan.

“Baywatch” started out as a flop on NBC in 1989. It wasn't until the second season, which David Hasselhoff himself produced with his company, that the series became a hit. It has been sold in over 145 countries, and at its peak, a billion people worldwide were said to have followed the rescuers' adventures.

“Baywatch” ran until 2001, and there was also the spin-off crime thriller “Baywatch Nights” (1995-1997). This was followed by the TV movie “Baywatch – Wedding in Hawaii” in 2003.