February 24, 2024

A herd of SUVs roaming the wilderness: Toyota is in trouble again because of the commercial

Like a herd of wild animals: British authorities believe that Toyota’s Hilux campaign is not appropriate for our times.


Toyota ads for the Hilux SUV have been banned in the UK on environmental grounds. The advertising watchdog found it promoted driving “without taking the impact on nature into account”.

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  • Advertising of the Toyota Hilux is banned in Great Britain.
  • The campaign depicts the SUV as a herd animal roaming in nature.
  • Britain’s advertising watchdog found that the three-year-old ad was “not created with a sense of responsibility to society”.
  • The car manufacturer defends itself against this accusation and emphasizes the need for SUVs by certain segments of the population.

Britain’s advertising regulator has banned a Toyota ad because it encourages environmentally harmful driving.

It is the first time that Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) An advertisement for SUVs was canceled for violating social responsibility in the environmental context.

The scenes are described as “landscape”.

The location in question was first reported in the 2020 campaign: The video, which was shown on social media, shows dozens of Hilux SUVs driving through an area with a river, while a spokesperson describes the scene as a “landscape.”

A poster from the same campaign shows two off-road vehicles in the foreground, followed by a herd of other vehicles driving through a cloud of dust across rocky terrain.

Advertising Standards Authority/PA

The complaint was filed by Adfree Cities, a network of organizations seeking to ban advertising in public spaces. Working with British campaign group Badvertising, they argued that Toyota’s ad promoted environmentally harmful behaviour.

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Regulatory body ASA shares this view and decided that the ad “promotes the use of vehicles in a way that ignores their impact on nature and the environment. It was not created with a sense of responsibility to society.”

Toyota defends itself against these accusations

Toyota defended the campaign by saying that the vehicle is designed for the harshest environments – and that those working in industries such as agriculture and forestry have a real need for off-road vehicles.

A company spokesperson says: “Toyota does not tolerate behavior that is harmful to the environment. Over the past three decades, Toyota has not only been one of the leading automakers in reducing carbon emissions across its vehicle lineup, but has also issued hundreds of licenses to leverage electrification technologies.

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