May 21, 2024

A former president publishes a strange video: “God created Trump”

Former US President Donald Trump is not considered very religious, but he has many followers among Christians.
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Donald Trump recently shared a video saying that God created him to lead the country.

The clip, originally posted by fans, depicts Trump as a messianic figure and workaholic.

Polls show that many evangelical Christians believe God has anointed him president.

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On his private social network Truth Social, former US President Donald Trump shared a bizarre fan-produced clip video. She says that God chose Trump to lead the country. And: “On June 14, 1946, God looked at His planned paradise and said, ‘I need a overseer.’ So God gave us Trump.”

In the next 2 minutes and 45 seconds, the anchor portrays Trump as a messianic figure created by God to “fight Marxists” and “rebuke fake news, his tongues sharp as a serpent.”

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Trump has long enjoyed a strong support base among evangelical Christians in the United States. Surveys show that among them are A A large part believes, That God anointed him president—even though he never claimed to have a strong personal faith. Trump's release of the video suggests he is comfortable in that role ahead of the 2024 election.

Trump video: The former president is a divine hero and a kind grandfather

The video praises Trump's supposed strengths, including his “arms strong enough to defeat the deep state.” [in rechten Kreisen kursierende Verschwörungstheorie einer fremdgesteuerten Staatsregierung, Anm. d. Red.] “To be devastated, but he is kind enough to be present when his grandchild is born.” It is not clear which grandson he is. In the video, Trump is also described as a workaholic who works around the clock as president.

His work ethic sparked controversy during his tenure, especially after his private schedules were leaked, revealing that half of his scheduled time was unstructured. The video also claims that Trump attended church services every Sunday, although there is no evidence of this.

Trump is not an expert on the Bible, as his Vice President Mike Pence has said

Last year, former Vice President Mike Pence, known to be a deeply devout evangelical Christian, mocked Trump's religious devotion during his speech at the Gridiron Club's annual dinner. The Washington Post reported that Pence joked that he “once invited President Trump to read the Bible together” and described it as an “experiment.”

“I read that some of the secret documents found at Mar-a-Lago are in the president’s Bible,” Pence said, referring to the lengthy investigation into the issue of secret government documents. “This proves that he had absolutely no idea they were there.”

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The latest video titled “God Made Trump” comes not directly from the Trump environment, but from the Dilley 300 Meme Team, which produces pro-Trump videos that the former president often shares on social media.

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