May 22, 2024

Türkiye must now report Russian business in the United States

Türkiye and the United States of America have agreed on a new system to comply with sanctions imposed on Russia. That reports Turkish newspaper Hurriyet Quoted from anonymous sources.

Accordingly, the Americans had previously immediately imposed so-called secondary sanctions on Turkish companies suspected of conducting business activities with Russia bypassing the sanctions. The new action plan, the Sanctions Compliance Plan, should now stipulate that the United States first inform Turkey of companies that may circumvent Western sanctions through their Russian actions.

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The United States must then request the relevant information. The Turkish authorities must then conduct an investigation and report the findings to the United States of America. After that, if necessary, steps such as sanctions could be initiated, the report says.

At the end of December, US President Joe Biden signed the secondary sanctions decree. Since the beginning of the year, the US government has been putting increasing pressure on Turkey, which is why many Turkish banks have already stopped payment transactions with Russia. have been placed.

US sanctions: Turkish businessmen resist pressure

In March, the Turkish newspaper Aydinlik reported on alleged threats from US officials who were said to have called on Turkish companies and financial institutions to halt a number of transactions with Russia. Several Turkish businessmen are said to have prepared lawsuits against US officials and bank employees who block money transfers.

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US sanctions also affect individuals in Türkiye. According to media reports, Turkish banks are said to have significantly tightened their dealings not only with Russian companies, but also with private clients from Russia.

Vice Chairman of the Republican People's Party, Turkey's largest opposition party, Volkan Demir, made these statements at the beginning of March. Aydinlik newspaper Concerns about trade with Russia. He stressed that the strong sanctions imposed by the United States on Ankara are causing “great difficulties” for the Turkish economy.

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