December 6, 2023

6 weight-loss foods for your fall diet

Weight loss didn’t work out well in the summer? No problem! Autumn provides an excellent opportunity to get rid of excess weight before the holiday season. We will give you valuable tips on how to efficiently use this time of the year to successfully lose weight and achieve your goals. Everything from delicious fall slimming products to tips for new exercise routines is included.

In the section: The best fall recipes

These are 8 products for slimming in the fall season

Autumn is the perfect time to lose weight! Why? Because now you no longer have a short-term goal in mind like summer vacation that tempts you to follow an unhealthy diet. Now you have time to listen to your body and lose a few kilos in a comfortable way. Start by changing your diet. Although the time for summer berries is over, fall has plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables for you Autumn diet Appropriate.

  • Lamb lettuce: A typical fall salad has a wonderful nutty taste and is easily combined with spicy foods. Lamb lettuce is considered one of the healthiest salads that contains a lot of vitamin C and provitamin A, the second highest Iron content All kinds of vegetables. Only parsley performs better in the category of foods containing iron. But you usually eat less of it.
  • squash: Some people look forward to it all year round: fall is pumpkin season. With only about 25 calories per 100 grams, pumpkin belongs in every fall diet. As an alternative to oven-baked potatoes, mashed into soups or with feta cheese on a tarte flambé – pumpkin is not only extremely versatile, it’s also rich. Metals Such as potassium and calcium. For a low-carb diet, nutmeg squash and spaghetti squash are better than Hokkaido because they contain fewer carbohydrates.
  • apple: You can pick the perfect snack straight from the tree every day in the fall. Depending on size, an apple contains only 55 calories on average, but there are a lot of them AntioxidantsWhich protects your cells from free radicals.
  • Pears: Another high-season snack in the fall. Because of their height Potassium content Pears have a dehydrating effect and thus help in treating kidney and bladder problems in cold autumn weather. As with apples: always with you Peel Eat food, because this is where most of the vitamins are found.
  • Quince: Despite their pretty appearance, quince is difficult to eat raw. Only when cooked, baked or boiled does quince lose its bitter taste and acquire its sweet, lemony aroma. Whether jelly, in vinaigrette, or as a baking ingredient, quince not only tastes delicious, but is also delicious thanks to its high content. Vitamin C-And the fiber content is real Superfood.
  • Mushrooms: There is no autumn dish without mushrooms. If you prepare them without a lot of fat and avoid a thick cream sauce, mushrooms work great Weight loss. They hardly have it CarbohydratesBut a lot of vegetable protein and provitamin D.
  • Red spots: Does the eye eat too? Then beets should definitely be on your plate. Inexpensive kale adds flavor to any dish with its reddish-pink color and packs a punch Fiber No fat. But always add salt at the end of the cooking time, otherwise the color will fade.
  • cabbage: Cabbage comes in season in the fall and is rich in fibre, folic acid, minerals and trace elements such as iron. Among the types of cabbage it is in first place cabbage Common. It tastes sweet and nutty, contains plenty of vitamin C, and is less gassy than, say, white cabbage. However, it is better to boil and use spices such as caraway and ginger to combat stomach bloating.
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Losing weight in the fall: these are effective tips

If you want to lose weight in the fall, diet is just one option. Here are more tips for a fall diet:

  • Goes for a walk: it is raining? It doesn’t matter! Put on your raincoat and head out. An hour of walking burns about 300 calories. Plus, fresh air and daylight stimulate your body to do this Vitamin D to construct. This gets rid of fatigue and winter depression is no longer a problem.
  • drink tea: Lose weight with tea? Naturally! If you quit sugar, you have a high temperature, Low calories A drink that will not make you bored thanks to its countless flavors. Tea doesn’t always have to be hot, cold tea is a good alternative on warm fall days.
  • Go to sleep early: Lack of sleep makes you feel tired during the day, which leads to less movement. In addition, lack of sleep can increase your feeling of hunger. a lot studies Proof that too little sleep overweight It may cause. So go to bed for a beauty sleep, as it gets dark early anyway, and you can even lose weight while you sleep.
  • Eat pumpkin: We’ve mentioned it before, but twice is better: pumpkin is the perfect fall food. Through him Nutrients It keeps you fit, is healthy, low in calories and very versatile. You can find a lot of pumpkin recipes for weight loss on the Internet.
  • Bake it yourself: Autumn is tough for those with a sweet tooth: sweet temptations lurk everywhere, from gingerbread to dominoes. All you have to do is learn how to bake yourself and prepare delicious low-calorie foods yourself. Here you can Sugar and fat content Take care, plus it’s always fun to learn new things.
  • Find a new sport: If you want to lose weight, you have to exercise. Sports help you lose kilograms and make you… good mood. Try something new, it will motivate you and get rid of boredom.
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Indoor sports you should try this fall

Don’t want to run over slippery leaves in the rain in autumn? Then try these indoor sports:

  • sports club: The classic is especially recommended in the fall. Not as crowded as in spring and with a large number of different places Cardio equipment Equipped to ensure dry training. Start now, with Strength training Training different muscle groups boosts your metabolism.
  • hiking: climbing or bouldering It trains upper body muscles and enhances coordination and concentration. The next rock hall is definitely around the corner.
  • pumpkin: Old school? No, quite trendy. Fast indoor sports in a glass box trains you Leg and gluteal musclesBut it requires a lot of physical fitness. Squash burns up to 400 calories per 30 minutes.
  • For swimming: Take a few laps in the indoor pool Gentle on joints Lose calories. As a bonus, you can then go to the sauna to detoxify and relax.
  • Boxes: When the autumn blues knock you down, just put them away. Boxing is an effective full-body exercise that also has a positive effect on your health spirit Effects.
  • Sports at home: There are countless ways to train at home. Try a new one work out Whether working out with online videos or dancing with a gaming console. Often there is not a lot of equipment needed and you can wear your oldest training clothes and no one will see you anyway.

Losing weight in the fall: this is our conclusion

the autumn Perfect for continuing the aborted diet from the summer or starting over. Delicious fall vegetables enrich your diet plan and you can work on making a healthy diet change without stress. Always remember: You will only lose weight if you eat more Calories Consume more than you take in. That’s why sports are so popular in the fall, and you can try something new here too. to do that Weight loss Have fun and you’ll lose enough weight by winter so you can enjoy a Christmas goose without any regrets.

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