June 20, 2024

1,7 Milliarden Menschen haben noch keine Vollbibel in eigener Sprache. (Themenbild)

6.1 billion people can read the Bible in their own language

The Swiss Bible Society announced on Wednesday that about five ethnic groups in Africa and the hard of hearing and deaf communities in the USA have received their first complete Bible. There were new first translations in 46 languages ​​for an audience of 13 million people.

By the start of 2021, the entire Bible has been translated into 704 languages ​​spoken by about 6.1 billion people. Today, 890 million other people have the New Testament in their language, of which at least 485 million people have extracts from the Bible. The World Federation of Bible Societies (UBS) is responsible for this comprehensive translation work.

Despite these developments, some 1.7 billion people still do not possess the complete Bible in their own language. The letter said the deficiency affects more than half of the nearly 7,400 known languages ​​worldwide.

As languages ​​change over time, it can be difficult for younger generations to understand ancient translations, according to UBS. In this context, last year Bible Societies published new translations and reviews in 21 languages ​​for 694 million readers, including 9 complete Bible books.

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