June 21, 2024

Basler Zeitung

Guest Commentary on China and Switzerland – Chinese Conceptual Acrobatics

China is escalating its rhetoric not only on Switzerland, but also with all its critics in the West – so it is following a decades-old practice.

Swiss and Chinese flags hung in front of the Federal Palace when then-Chinese President Jiang Zemin visited Bern in 1999.

Photo: Tamedia

The People’s Republic of China took measures in Bern on Monday. Ambassador Wang Xiting addressed himself Video call with selected press representatives. The protest against Switzerland’s new strategy for China was to be expected. What was amazing was the look that was chosen and the clarity of the statements. The strategy contains “baseless accusations and attacks on the political system, minority politics, and the human rights situation in China” and “bad labels for China.” Switzerland doesn’t get the facts right – and neither does the press. In Hong Kong, it was Chinese rule that introduced democracy in the first place. Ultimately, it is all about national security. Also in Xinjiang, everything is fine, the fight against terrorism is being carried out successfully. Fake news about detention and forced camps is pure “anti-China propaganda.” Wang explained that the people there are living “in freedom.”

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