December 5, 2023

42 Yolu companies from ABD and Canada have asked for flights to Israel

After the clashes between Palestine and Israel, 42 airlines of USA and Canada stopped their flights to Israel.

Haber Giriş Tarihi: October 9, 2023 5:13 pm

Haber Güncellenme Tarihi: October 9, 2023 5:13 pm

Israel’s Yıldırır blockade of Gaza Şeridi started on 7 Ekim 2023. In this context, 42 airlines of USA and Canada have announced that they have requested flights to Israel.

“Drumu Yakindan Tagib Ediorus”

ABC News reported on 9 October 2023 that 42 airlines in the U.S. and Canada have suspended their flights. In a statement from United Airlines, ABD; Notifying that flights to Israel have been cancelled, “The safety of our customers and our customers is our top priority. You can also use the program to get the information you need” used expressions.


This is why Delta Air Lines canceled round-trip fare flights to Tel Aviv on 7 October 2023. “Delta halkini quenli bir sekilde abd’ye keri gondarmek aisin chalcior de hükumetle ında ç alyşagaçız” he said.


As a result of the attacks launched in Gaza on 7 Ekim 2023, tensions rose. The Kassam Brigades of the Hamas armed group announced that they had launched a rocket attack on Ben Gurion Havalimanı. Israel Ordus, Saltillera Cert Yanit Verdi. According to a statement made by the Philistine Health Ministry in Gaza; 493 Palestinians lost their lives in Israel’s attacks and 751 people were injured.