February 25, 2024

200 million in the account: Harry Styles is the richest British star under the age of 30

200 million in the account
Harry Styles is the richest British star under the age of 30

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Harry Styles doesn't just show a good sense of what music is right for the fans. He is also often ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion. His business acumen also makes him young Croesus. The 29-year-old is said to have already raised more than €200 million.

Singer Harry Styles has been named Britain's richest young star under the age of 30 for the second year in a row. With assets of approximately 200 million euros According to the Daily Mail, he is driving The financial ranking of the Kingdom’s young and rich people came above that of singer Dua Lipa (28.95 million euros). In the top ten list of children of rich and famous parents, Brooklyn Beckham, the son of very wealthy parents David and Victoria Beckham, occupies first place with a fortune of more than 10 million pounds (11.5 million euros).

For two years, Harry Styles has delighted the world with the song “Love on Tour” and not only female fans around the world. Even the legendary Rolling Stone magazine recently called him the new “King of Pop.” Which not only caused discussions among Michael Jackson's family. However, the current most sought-after singer on the planet has not only amassed his fortune through his musical successes.

A huge five-film contract with Marvel as Eros Starfox, a successful modeling career with a lucrative €9 million deal with Gucci and his own cosmetics line “Pleasing” also brought a lot of money into his coffers.

Note: The other top ten spots in the U30 financial rankings are also dominated by British pop artists – whether Dua Lipa in second place or Styles' former One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik in fifth place. The top two screen stars, Tom Holland and Millie Bobby Brown, follow only in ninth and tenth place. In international comparison, Kylie Jenner remains the undisputed first among celebrities under the age of thirty, with a fortune of 880 million euros.

Brooklyn Beckham leads 'Nepo Babies'.

In English-speaking countries they are called “Nepo Babies”: the daughters and sons of rich and famous celebrities who owe their success not only but also to their parents. Beckham, the son of Brooklyn, broke the £10 million barrier for the first time this year, and tops the rankings of young and rich people.

Dad David continues to ride the wave of success as owner of Inter Miami Football Club, where he employs world-class soccer player Lionel Messi, among others. Mother Victoria shines, among other things, as a successful fashion designer. Perhaps this is also why Brooklyn has recently been able to sign high-paying contracts with Tiffany & Co., Pepe Jeans, and the plant-based milk company Silk. And also highly watched cooking videos (16.3 million followers on Instagram) Contributing to Brooklyn's wealth. However, there is still a long way to go until his parents and in-laws become wealthy: David and Victoria Beckham are worth more than €420 million, while his wife Nicola Peltz's parents are worth around €1.4 billion.

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