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27.07.2021 – 20:15

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Humberside, UK, Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/

Humberside Police has selected NicheRMS365 (TM) as the agency initiated an organization-wide business migration program to take advantage of the full scope of the NicheRMS365 Police platform.

NicheRMS365 enables information management, processing, and sharing so that the Humberside Police Department has a better view of people at risk to prevent and detect crimes, bring perpetrators to justice, and increase community safety.

NicheRMS365 covers the entire bandwidth of police information management in a single platform and provides 3,500 Humberside sworn officers and staff with a focused operational view of each critical police situation to increase citizen safety.

NicheRMS365 provides officers with the operational capability they need to work from anywhere, on any device. The Humberside Police Department will be able to have a seamless experience using the functionality of the Microsoft 365 family of products and the NicheRMS365 platform at the same time.

With NicheRMS365, the Humberside Police Force can streamline daily business operations and benefit from single data entry while sharing data across agencies to avoid duplication. Other advantages of NicheRMS365 are:

  • Flexibility: With NicheRMS365, officers and employees can have instant access to critical police information, regardless of their location.
  • Technical / Career Stability: NicheRMS365 provides a highly secure and reliable operating platform that supports all Humberside Police Records Management needs: crime investigation, registration, investigation, custody management, property management, forensics, case management, protection and vulnerability management. Additionally, NicheRMS365 offers reporting, assignment, briefing and navigation functionality to further support frontline police officers.
  • Operational competencies: NicheRMS365 simplifies data entry with our unique guided entry capabilities and provides fast, accurate reports that are easy for employees to generate. Our guidance function is sensitive to the incident to be addressed and adapts to the data collection requirements of different incident classifications.
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Niche is proud to support the Humberside Police Department’s mission to “create safe and strong communities where people know how to protect themselves and are able to make informed decisions.”

Information on NicheRMS365

At Niche, we focus on the information needs of frontline workers when seconds matter. The responsive NicheRMS365 user interface provides a consistent and intuitive user experience on phone, tablet, laptop and desktop, so agencies can easily train once and use anywhere – on any device.

NicheRMS365 is the first mobile platform to set the RMS standard for police worldwide, serving 162,000 sworn officers in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. It is the most configurable, powerful and most respected RMS platform in the world.

Arrange a demo to discover the capabilities of NicheRMS365 for your agency at: www.NicheRMS.com.

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