April 23, 2024

Princess Leonor: This is what awaits you at your new school

Princess Leonor: This is what awaits you at your new school

Princess Leonor of Spain
Your first day at school in Wales is approaching

Princess Leonor

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In a few weeks, Princess Leonor of Spain will begin studying at UWC Atlantic College in Wales. A new stage in the life of the Spanish heir to the throne begins.

The new academic year begins on August 30, 2021 at UWC Atlantic College in Wales. Two princesses will start school this year: In addition to Princess Alexia of Orange-Nassau, 16, Spanish Princess Leonor, 15, will start her education in the UK.

Leonor is expected to travel to Wales the day before, on August 29, 2021, to get acquainted with her new environment. After their arrival, the students were divided into eight school buildings, four of them sharing one room. The Dana Press portal reveals that very different nationalities will be represented.

Princess Leonor: She will soon study in Wales

It is unlikely that King Philip, 53, and Queen Letizia, 48, will accompany their eldest daughter to the school door. Many students have their first day at school alone. Lessons at UWC Atlantic College are from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Before that, we have breakfast together. For Princess Leonor, this is an education system completely different from what she knows from her previous school in Spain. The early days will certainly be very exciting and exciting for the Spanish heir to the throne.

However, the fact that Leonor is now studying abroad also means that she will not attend all public meetings of the Spanish royal family. Just a few days ago, she and her sister Princess Sofia, 14, debuted together without their parents. However, the monarchy is expected to return home no later than the Spanish national holiday on October 12.

King Philip and Queen Letizia pay more than 89,000 euros in school fees

Leonor is one of five Spanish applicants accepted by UWC Atlantic College. More than 500 applications were received from Spain. The majority of students received scholarships, both King Philip and Queen Letizia, and Princess Alexia’s parents, King Willem-Alexander, 54, and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, 50, paid £76,500 (about €89,500) in tuition fees for their school fees. But the girls themselves.

Source used: Dana Press


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