Saudi Arabia authorizes Covid-19 vaccine

RIYADH – Saudi Arabia is preparing to issue one of the world’s most comprehensive vaccine mandates to address the reluctance to vaccinate Covid-19 in the kingdom as governments around the world strive to combat it A new increase in the variable delta countries.

People in Saudi Arabia are required to prove in a mobile app that they have received at least one dose of the vaccine to enter public and private facilities including schools, shops, malls, markets, restaurants, cafes, concert halls and public transportation. Sunday. From August 9, Saudi nationals will need two doses to travel abroad.

The Saudi guidelines come as some public health officials in the United States and several other countries are considering imposing mandates for vaccines as Covid-19 cases rise dramatically, driven by a delta variable. This week, California and New York City became the first big state and first big city Providing vaccination requirements for public officials. France, Italy and other European countries have announced that they will do so soon Issuance of health certificates For people who have been vaccinated indoors such as restaurants and gyms.

In the United Arab Emirates, access to most public places in the capital Abu Dhabi will be restricted to vaccinated people next month after authorities said 93% of the population had been vaccinated. Restrictions on the nearby business hub of Dubai are not extensive, although bars and restaurants require proof of vaccination. Israel, which pioneered the vaccine at the beginning of the pandemic, in February Submit vaccination certificate To document the status of persons for certain activities.

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UK health officials said last month they were increasingly confident that vaccines would work Great protection against a variable delta variator. Data from Israel shows that Pfizer Inc.’s vaccine. Less effective at preventing infection but still a powerful bulwark against serious diseases.

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