William and Kate kick out BBC-BZ Berlin

BBC lost it completely with Prince William (39) and Duchess Kate (39)!

The reason for this is the royal documentary Princes and the Press, which aired on Monday prime time on the BBC and which is about the relationship between William and his brother Prince Harry (37) with the British media.

Problem: In the one-hour broadcast, it is repeatedly suggested that negative information about Harry and his wife Meghan, 40, has been disseminated by an informant from Williams’ team.

Queen Elizabeth (95), Prince Charles (73) and William were not amused and a joint statement was issued. In statements from Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and Clarence House, it was unusually clear that it was “disappointing” for the BBC to present “exaggerated and unsubstantiated claims” as facts.

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This fell on deaf ears at the station. And more trouble threatens: The documentary has a sequel, and it will be shown next week.

So the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge let the words speak for themselves.

Prince William and Duchess Kate responded

Kate and William personally punish the BBC and prevent the defeated BBC from broadcasting the big Christmas party.

According to the British “The Sun”, the British channel “ITV” will be awarded the contract to broadcast a royal Christmas charity concert at Westminster Abbey. Kate will run it, while William and the couple’s three children – so hopefully – can sit in the audience.

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An insider describes the ITV deal as a major coup: ‘It’s a whole new look – the royals have never hosted a TV party. And having the Duchess play a leading role in it is critical. The BBC automatically handles most of the royal programming. as the national television broadcaster.

It now appears that this is history in the context of the sensational documentary, which no one was allowed to see in the palace before.

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