April 25, 2024

Why Sturgeon is right to overturn Scotland's referendum

Why Sturgeon is right to overturn Scotland’s referendum

MWith almost programmed predictability, Scotland’s first minister attempted to turn defeat into victory, or at least vindication. Nicholas Sturgeon The UK Supreme Court ruling that Scotland does not have the power to hold a second referendum on independence without the consent of the British Parliament serves as an affirmation of Scotland’s right to self-determination.

Sturgeon declared in her disingenuous reply that the ruling “completely shattered the myth of union as a voluntary partnership between nations”. She invoked the myth of national victimhood by claiming that it was now more clear than ever that independence was the only guarantee of equality.

Scots are denied the right to choose a different future or even to ask about it, the First Minister complained obsessively. It seeks to portray the ruling as an affront to the basic democratic rights that London denies its citizens north of the English border.

Infect the old against London

With this speech, Nicola Sturgeon hopes to reignite the fading enthusiasm for secession – and her national party. In the event that the court should decide against it, it had already announced in advance that the next general election, which was to be held in two years at the latest, would be a de facto referendum on the independence of Scotland.