May 24, 2024

WhatsApp updated with new data protection function for link previews

New updates to WhatsApp sometimes bring more things, sometimes less exciting things. However, a data protection function is now introduced which you should definitely activate.

More data protection on WhatsApp? This is acceptable. At least for a certain group of iOS beta testers, according to Chip. Before rolling out the new update to all users, it must be thoroughly tested. This is a new data protection function that “WA Beta Info” also offers on its X account.

This means they can Preview link It is deactivated. Optimal, because third-party providers no longer have access to the IP address of the respective user who wants to share a link with their contacts.

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No more previews of links, where third party providers take a look

The new data protection function is included in the beta version of iOS and above Selected WhatsApp users available. Once the new feature is activated, WhatsApp will no longer show previews of the links being shared.

If the feature is not activated, links can still be sent with previews. This feature aims to improve users' privacy by giving them more control over whether links sent in their conversations are automatically previewed. If so, third-party sites can do this Interactions a path.

Often includes link previews Metadata Such as IP addresses, which may come from third-party websites to track users' online activities. If you don't want it or want to prevent it, you can finally decide voluntarily and make up your own mind, at least in the beta version Privacy Better protection.

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