February 23, 2024

WhatsApp: A major innovation in the personal photo

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Attention WhatsApp users: The messaging service has a new feature ready. This affects the profile picture and can lead to many scams.

Castle – Anyone who uses WhatsApp doesn't just use it to send messages. The popular, long-standing messaging service offers a variety of options for exchanging ideas with friends, family, or co-workers. In addition to text messages, calls can be made, photos and videos can be sent, or voice messages can be recorded via the WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp: Big innovation in profile picture – what users can expect

It's a common practice, one or the other And emojis should also be sent – ​​even if some WhatsApp users have complained about the changes there. If a WhatsApp user wants to take full advantage of digital resources, stickers will be used. These games can be created to your liking – and can also be played while you play The latest features of WhatsApp important role.

Such as, among other things, daily Mail And the Computer image Report that the messaging service can now automatically create avatars from a selfie. The virtual likeness can then be used as a profile photo in the next step. It is also possible to send these avatars as stickers in the respective WhatsApp chat, hna.de reports. But first things first.

Attention WhatsApp users: The messaging service has a new feature ready. © Fabian Sommer/DPA/dpa-tmn

For the first time in December 2022, WhatsApp users were able to create avatars for themselves. They can be used as a profile picture and as stickers in chat. This can be easily done using the editor in the messaging service settings. WhatsApp does most of the work. Be it face and body shapes, hairstyles or clothes – the app provides a wide range of options. But if it's still too complicated for you, now you can be happy.

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WhatsApp Avatar Noise: Create a digital likeness using just one photo

Because WhatsApp has revised its feature again. In practice, this means: Avatars can now be created automatically on WhatsApp. So, if you want to create an avatar for yourself, first go to WhatsApp settings as usual. You must then select the “Avatar” menu item under the profile name. Interested users then click on “Create Avatar”.

Avatars on WhatsApp

In December 2022, a new era began for WhatsApp. For more than a year, the messaging service has allowed you to use your own photo as an emoji or sticker, thus making chats more personal. This refers to so-called avatars that can be used as a profile picture on WhatsApp.

Anyone who has created his digital avatar can decorate several messages with the new image, that is, an avatar. A variety of stickers allow you to express different emotions, including joy, sadness and anger.

As parent company Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, said a year ago, the appearance of avatars should closely resemble that of characters from the Metaverse. These things can be admired again and again in the presentations made by the American company.

WhatsApp then asks for camera access permission – if the new feature is being used on the messaging service for the first time. Then of course it is important to take a selfie. The user's work is now done – and WhatsApp creates an avatar for the person concerned. This is also newly available A small “1” next to the WhatsApp voice message, the meaning and function of which may please some users.

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The images meant to create your WhatsApp avatar are supposed to be quickly deleteable

Well, if you still insist on fine-tuning, you can do it yourself again. The avatar's skin tone, as well as other smaller specifications, can be changed manually. WhatsApp itself provides an important note:

Messenger service Makes a promiseThe image will not be used for “any other purpose.” Once your WhatsApp avatar is created, you must delete the desired image for it again. another one The feature on WhatsApp is now available by long tapping on the profile picture. (Han)