May 22, 2024

What time is it on the moon?

There is currently no time system of its own on the Earth's satellite. NASA must now change that for the safe operation of spaceships, for example.

Very few people thought about the time spent on the moon. That's perfectly fine, you don't know anyone on the moon that you would like to contact every now and then, and you have to consider whether they are currently asleep in their distant time zone or are already running around… The truth is: dignity if you know someone on the moon; You'll probably send him a quick WhatsApp message anyway: Are you awake? But what people say without thinking about it much is: If someone lives behind the moon, they are way behind the times.

But why these time-consuming flights of fancy about time on the moon? Because the moon doesn't have anything yet, so it doesn't have anything of its own. This has not been a big problem so far, but it may become difficult in the future if, as planned, people travel to the Earth's satellite from all over the world and, frankly, the Chinese are on the moon, for example. You have to constantly ask the Bavarians: “What does your watch say?” The American authorities have NASA Therefore instructions have now been issued to establish a unified lunar time with other organizations by 2026.

Time passes faster on the moon

And from the moon's perspective, it's definitely time. There, now pay attention, time passes faster than on Earth. Exactly 58.7 microseconds, or 58.7 millionths of a second, per day. This doesn't seem like a lot, but at some point it amounts to a huge second, which quickly causes chaos. But why is it so? It has to do with the Moon's weaker gravitational field. You know, time, space, relativity, ahem, self-explanatory: we don't live behind the moon here.

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