May 19, 2024

Weber is the best Swiss – short training ride in Kvitfjell overshadowed by falls – Sport


In the second training round for the descent on Saturday, only the upper part will be used. The best time is determined by no one.

Since there was about 20cm of fresh snow in Kvitfjell, only the upper section was skied until Rossi's jump in the second downhill running training session on Saturday. Since training took place on Thursday from the start of the reserve to the end, this ensured that the original track could be used on Saturday.

With about 49 seconds of driving time, Friday's practice didn't make much sense, especially since the front-runners dropped back. The best time was set by an unreal person: 25-year-old Frenchman Ken Caillault, who had never competed in a World Cup before, was fastest with No. 65. Like his compatriot Adrien Frisquet (No. 60) in second, he benefited from improved visibility. . Dominique Paris (ITA), a well-known driver, follows only in third place.

Program note

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Follow the men's sprint races in Kvitfjell this weekend as follows on SRF Zwei and in the Sport app.

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  • Sunday at 11:55 am: Super G

Among the Swiss, Ralf Weber was the best with number 44. He took sixth place, and Gilles Rolland (eighth) and Lars Rosti (ninth) also maintained good results. Nils Hintermann, the fastest in Thursday's training, ranked nineteenth, while Marco Odermatt dropped to forty-eighth.

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Sejersted fell badly

Training was overshadowed by Adrian Segerstedt's serious fall. After the jump, the Norwegian got off the perfect line and rolled several times. The Norwegian had to be transported by helicopter to hospital with a suspected shoulder injury. Training can only be continued after a long break.

Ciprian Sarrazin also retired early. Odermatt's main rival in the battle for the Downhill World Cup headed into the finish area with the airbag deployed. What exactly happened to the Frenchman is not yet known.