June 19, 2024

Warning from DAZN Limited by Lentze Stopper Rechtsanwälte

Warning from DAZN Limited by Lentze Stopper Rechtsanwälte

We will receive a warning from Dazen LimitedUK, issued by Munich-based Lentze Stopper Rechtsanwälte.

According to authorized attorneys, DAZN Limited is one of the world’s leading pay-TV providers in the sports broadcasting sector.

For the territory of the Federal Republic, it is the holder of the rights to use live broadcasts of matches in the German Bundesliga and the Champions League, among others.

These rights of use include in particular the right to publicly display such broadcasts at commercial facilities in accordance with Article 22 of the UrhG. In particular, the right to broadcast or publicly display such game signals in accordance with Article 22 UrhG is included in commercial establishments (eg in catering establishments). Since the 2021/2022 season, DAZN has been offering the “DAZN For Business” package, a comprehensive sports broadcasting service for commercial use. By registering and obtaining a subscription, commercial customers are entitled to legally view sports broadcasts to the public.

Reason for warning

While examining the catering business of the person who was warned, it was found that a live broadcast from DAZN was shown there without authorizing it.

DAZN Limited Warning – What is required?

court order

With the caveat, a cease-and-desist declaration must be submitted first. A suggested wording is attached to the warning letter, which in the event of a breach will result in a strict contractual penalty of €6000.00.


By DAZN Limited, a claim for damages to iHv. He claimed 3000.00 euros.

Point out the importance of criminal law

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Further, the addressee is informed of the warning that unauthorized broadcasting can be prosecuted as a criminal offense in accordance with Clauses 106 and 108 UrhG.

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Relatively speaking, the consignee of the warning is shown to provide a declaration of cessation and a total compensation amount iHv. € 1,500.00 and enters into a subscription contract for future broadcasts that include the “DAZN For Business” package. In turn, DAZN Limited is prepared “to a large extent to refrain from implementing its claim for damages of at least €3,000”.

Did you receive a warning from DAZN Limited?

Strongly advise:

Keep calm and respect your deadlines with a warning.

– In the event that a cease-and-desist declaration is issued with a penalty clause, please be sure to plan the additional action so that no contractual penalty is lost.