February 22, 2024

Viktor Orban criticizes Ukraine as “one of the most corrupt countries in the world.” The Prime Minister of Hungary rejects negotiations to join the European Union. Instead, he proposes a “strategic partnership agreement.”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban described Ukraine as “one of the most corrupt countries in the world.” He spoke firmly against starting EU accession talks with Kiev.

In an interview with the French news portal Le Point Orban stressed that Hungary is a neighbor of Ukraine and knows the situation well. He criticized corruption in Ukraine, calling it a “joke” and rejected any discussion about Ukraine’s admission to the European Union.

Orban stressed that the European Union still has to do a lot of preparatory work before it is ready to accept Ukraine. He warned that the inclusion of Ukrainian agriculture in the European agricultural system would have serious consequences. Instead, he proposes a “strategic partnership agreement” to strengthen EU-Ukraine cooperation – without offering Ukraine EU membership.

Orban’s statements come ahead of a meeting of European Union leaders in Brussels. Two historic decisions on Ukraine are scheduled to be made next week: the start of Ukraine’s accession talks to the 27-nation bloc and the release of €50 billion in aid to Volodymyr Zelensky’s government.

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