May 24, 2024

USA: Update above

The next few years will see profound changes at the top of the Catholic Church in America. Catholic website OSV explains this in an analysis.

By their count, 19 dioceses in the states are currently waiting to appoint a diocesan bishop. Full episcopal terms ended early last year as several active diocesan bishops retired early or died. In the past six months, Rome has appointed only one new diocesan bishop, Portland, Maine.

Twelve American diocesan bishops are still in office even though they have already reached the age of 75 and have therefore submitted their resignations to the Pope in accordance with canon law. According to the OSV, 15 local bishops will reach retirement age this year, and 14 local bishops will reach retirement age next year.

Military Bishop Timothy Broglio has been leading the US Bishops Conference since 2022.

19 dioceses are waiting to appoint a diocesan bishop

According to OSV estimates, several appointments of new local bishops can be expected in the next few years. At the same time, there are reports that the rejection of ordination by candidates for the post of bishop is increasing.

The number of Catholic dioceses in the United States is 196; The Archdiocese of Los Angeles is the largest numerically and most ethnically diverse. The number of bishops is given as approximately 440; This includes bishops emeritus.