July 13, 2024

US Secretary of State Blinken in Ukraine

US Secretary of State Blinken in Ukraine

Manufacturer: More than 100 kills with the Iris-T air defense system

According to the manufacturer, the German Iris-T air defense system has already repelled more than 100 attacks from the air in Ukraine, including cruise missiles and drones. “We have a kill rate of almost 100%, and that is what the Ukrainian military has reported to us,” Harald Buschek, managing director of Diehl Defense, said on Tuesday. He said that “more than 100 successful killings” had been carried out so far.

The federal government has so far given Ukraine two systems, another system will be delivered “soon” and four more systems at a later date, Bushek said. Germany ordered six of the anti-aircraft systems for its own use. The first is scheduled to be delivered to the German army next year.

The system can fire at targets up to 20 kilometers high and at a range of up to 40 kilometers. A kind of protective shield is extended over the surface. One system could, for example, protect a medium-sized city such as Nuremberg or Hanover. Buschek spoke at the German Armed Forces’ Todendorf Military Training Area on the Baltic Sea in Schleswig-Holstein, where a ground-based air defense training facility was recently opened in cooperation with the Air Force.

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