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Berlin, Zurich and Munich: the top 20 hotspots for single millionaires according to…

Berlin, Zurich and Munich: the top 20 hotspots for single millionaires according to…


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Berlin, Zurich and Munich: top 20 hotspots for single millionaires according to Seeking.com analysis

The magic of millionaires fascinates us and many singles ask themselves: where do you actually meet a millionaire? Luxury dating platform Seeking.com was able to answer these questions through data analysis. Here’s an overview of the top cities and migration behavior for dating millionaires – Munich and Berlin are also among the top 20 cities in Europe.

Munich/Las Vegas, September 5, 2023: “Breakfast in Paris and then shopping in Los Angeles” – this is what German rapper Crew sang when he talked about luxury trips for the lady of his heart. Some cities in the world have the stamp of approval as places of residence for the rich and beautiful: while Forbes annually publishes the cities with the most millionaires, luxury dating site Seeking.com focuses on the most sought-after cities. After singles, the world’s millionaires live and where they settle.

A recent analysis by Seeking.com of more than 5.4 million millionaires who signed up on the dating platform between 2014 and July 2023 shows some interesting migration patterns for the social elite. For this purpose, anonymized data on income and place of residence were evaluated in the context of the enrollment periods of different members.

So what cities in Europe and around the world are ideal for a date with a millionaire in 2023?

The Millionaire Migration: Why are elites replacing seedy cities with coastlines and small towns?

The pandemic also brought about some changes in the context of millionaire migration that still have an impact today: during this time, there was a significant transfer of wealth with many new millionaires emerging from the pandemic. Some business areas have changed, others have emerged from scratch – what is certain is that there has been an increase in the number of nouveau riche since 2020, and they have emerged in some interesting new places. In the past, wealth was concentrated in the most populous urban areas such as New York, London and Los Angeles.

But since 2020, a new pattern of millionaire migration has emerged: although tax relief has always been a reason for the wealthy to choose their place of residence wisely, the trend is now towards mass migration from expensive megacities. Instead, tax incentives are combined with a desire for natural beauty and a “home in the country.” Another important aspect of notable migration is the different investment incentives and projects offered by different countries.

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With remote work becoming more widespread, businessmen and women also have the opportunity to conduct their business from anywhere in the world – not just the office. Moreover, high net worth individuals are constantly on the move and spread their residences and offices all over the world.

To highlight this trend in 2023 and explore changes in these patterns since the pandemic, Seeking.com looked to analyze millionaire migration data.

Berlin, Zurich and Munich: the top 20 cities with the highest number of solo millionaires in Europe

While global capitals like New York and London have always been the places to be seen, the number of new millionaire profiles in many of these major cities has declined year on year since 2020. However, there are a greater number of active millionaires on Seeking.com In 2023 compared to any other period in the history of the dating platform. So where have all the good men gone?

In a European comparison, cities such as London, Paris, Zurich and Berlin were almost expected to be centers of business and wealth among the top 10 cities in the top 20 list. However, major cities such as Manchester, Dublin, Munich and Athens are surprising with their increasingly distinct dating pools.

Looking at the “rising cities” in the top 20 that have attracted a significant number of millionaires since 2020, the reasons for the financial elite’s moves (competitive tax rates, strong economy and investment programmes) are reinforced: these include Zagreb, Istanbul and Milan. And Lisbon.

For example, in Portugal, wealthy investors can obtain citizenship there by buying real estate, investing in a local fund, or making a significant cultural contribution. The same is true in Ireland, where there is also a large credit for qualifying R&D spending and a large overall tax deduction.

Overall, the DACH region which includes Berlin, Zurich and Munich is very attractive.

2023 – Seeking.com’s Best Cities for Millionaires in Europe

  1. London

  2. Paris

  3. Madrid

  4. Manchester

  5. Barcelona

  6. Amsterdam

  7. Dublin

  8. Berlin

  9. Zagreb
  10. Zurich

  11. Istanbul
  12. Milan
  13. Lisbon
  14. Athens

  15. Bristol

  16. Warsaw

  17. Brussels

  18. Stockholm

  19. Munich

  20. Leeds

* Distinctive cities = Rising millionaire hotspots since 2020

Global comparison:
The top 25 cities for millionaires around the world

This migration trend is not a European-wide phenomenon, but can be observed all over the world.

Founder-researcher Brandon Wade can speak from his personal experience regarding this migration. As a millionaire CEO, he chose Las Vegas as the home for himself and his company. Reasons: Low cost of living and favorable tax rates.

“When you think of success in business, you imagine the capitals of the world: New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, etc. But these are no longer the most effective locations when it comes to a higher quality of life and greater benefits afterwards. 2020. You have to think Outside the box, with the ever-changing global economy, now is the time to be flexible, and successful Seeking users seem to have recognized this and are targeting goals that may seem a bit unusual at first glance.“, like this hurry.

It’s no surprise that Las Vegas ranks 19th among the top cities in the world with the highest number of millionaires. New tax laws in states like California have led to a record exodus of wealthy Californians in recent years, and Nevada is one of the few states in the United States that does not impose an income tax.

In addition to Sin City, cities with the largest increase in the number of millionaires since 2020 in the top 25 globally include major cities such as Miami, Austin, Phoenix, Seattle and San Diego in the US, and Dubai, Brisbane and Mexico City in the US. The rest of the continents. From a global perspective, weather, location and nature are likely to play a major role in change.

The remaining 16 cities are spread across Europe and the United States, with the vast majority of millionaires living here.

2023 – Seeking.com’s top cities for millionaires around the world

  1. New York

  2. London

  3. Los Angeles

  4. toronto

  5. chicago

  6. Miami
  7. Dallas/Ft. Worth

  8. San Francisco

  9. Sydney

  10. Austin
  11. Melbourne

  12. Phoenix/Scottsdale
  13. Houston

  14. Atlanta

  15. Boston

  16. vancouver

  17. Paris

  18. Dubai
  19. Las vigas
  20. Seattle
  21. San Diego
  22. Washington, DC

  23. Montreal

  24. Brisbane
  25. Mexico City
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* Distinctive cities = Rising millionaire hotspots since 2020

About the study and the new meaning of happiness

5.4 million millionaires have signed up to Seeking worldwide since 2014, and 1.1 million millionaires currently use the dating platform as their preferred dating site. Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, membership of millionaires in the world’s capitals has declined and memberships in regional cities have increased, indicating the emergence of a new base of millionaires (so-called high-net-worth individuals), who have already moved their residence properties to more economically favorable areas.

The trend toward moving away from traditional financial centers toward more diversified economic destinations also reflects a global shift in the definition of success and happiness. What we want as humans is more than just financial success, it is also about quality of life and the ability to achieve more with your money. So Search wants to support this search for happiness and offers features that, unlike traditional dating apps, allow you to expand your search for a partner outside of where you live. Searching users can add up to three profile locations and search for their life partner all over the world.

About Seeking.com

Founded in San Francisco in 2006, Seeking.com is now the world’s largest high-end dating platform with more than 44 million members. The company allows direct, open and honest dating, creating a community where individuals can find relationships on their personal terms. In this way, Seeking.com responds to modern communication needs and offers its users a community for which their happiness is more important than traditional relationship patterns.

For more information, see: www.seeking.com/de.

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