October 5, 2023

United kingdom.  Brexit and Covid leave empty shelves

United kingdom. Brexit and Covid leave empty shelves

On a street across Oxford Street – one of London’s most emblematic streets, especially because of its stores – the scene of the past few weeks is repeated: Linda Robinson, 41, leaves the supermarket with her shopping list she still wants to complete. “No cheese. The milk shelves are completely empty. Also the fruit and vegetable section. In fact, almost everything fresh is missing,” Expresso describes. This image has been seen across the country, even in stores like this one, which are among the UK’s largest supermarket chains. After leaving Sainsbury’s, a customer stays, and considers searching for what’s missing here. Although he thinks it can be found in other stores where rarity is more diverse than prevalent, he thinks, “It’s just not worth it right now.”

A little more than a kilometer away, in 10 Downing Street, Boris Johnson had to calculate in his head mathematics. The British Prime Minister is facing several problems at the same time, so far without major leaps in his popularity, but the future is complex, at a time when the difficulties of life that have been announced by businessmen and associations have surfaced since the summer. Citizen. From the rush to gas stations to supply bottlenecks in supermarkets to labor shortages in the catering and healthcare sectors, everyday life in Britain at least is fraught with peril.