November 29, 2023

UN Security Council holds emergency meetings on North Korea and Sudan

UN Security Council holds emergency meetings on North Korea and Sudan

The United Nations Security Council is looking into North Korea again after the country tested a hypersonic missile. Sudan will also be an issue.

The basics in brief

  • The UN Security Council will hold a session on North Korea and Sudan on Friday.
  • North Korea has just tested its first hypersonic missile that is difficult to intercept.
  • In Sudan, the prime minister resigned after tensions with the military.

After a new missile test by North Korea, the UN Security Council will deal again with the isolated country on Monday. According to information received from the council circles to the German News Agency, the United States, Great Britain, France, Ireland and Albania requested a meeting of the most powerful body of the United Nations to be held behind closed doors on Thursday.

According to her statements, North Korea, a self-proclaimed nuclear power, had previously successfully tested a hypersonic missile again. Hypersonic describes speeds over five times the speed of sound, which is about 6,180 kilometers per hour. It is difficult to intercept weapons of this type.

A number of council members also requested a meeting on the crisis-stricken Sudan, where Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok announced his resignation on Sunday evening after tensions with the military rulers. The information stated that the meeting, which should also be held in secret, could take place on Tuesday or Wednesday, according to the information.

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