June 20, 2024

UK: Virgin Radio Pride returns for summer

On June 1, Virgin Radio Pride will return to the air for three months in Great Britain. The program for the LGBTQ+ community focuses on pop, dance and R’n’B hits from the past 20 years.

News UK’s branch of the Virgin Radio family of stations celebrated its debut in 2021. In London and Scotland, the program will again be available via DAB. Virgin Radio presenters Chris Evans and Graham Norton, among others, will be on the microphone, recently seen on German TV screens as co-hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest from Liverpool.

With the “Big Conversations” feature series, Eventradio looks to address topics currently affecting society. A special documentary on the life of George Michael and The Only Gay in the Village portrait series is also planned.

Along with Gaydio and Hits Radio Pride, two national stations in the UK have chosen the LGBTQ+ community as their target group. Hits Radio Pride was launched in 2020 by Bauer Media. The program can be heard online and via DAB in cities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool and Northern Ireland. Gaydio, the UK’s first community radio program, began broadcasting in 2006. It is now distributed on a network in Manchester and Brighton and can also be received on VHF. In major cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cardiff, Gaideo also broadcasts via DAB.