March 1, 2024

United Kingdom: The travel ban may be extended until July

United Kingdom: The travel ban may be extended until July

The travel ban in Great Britain was originally supposed to be lifted in mid-May – a bill introduced by the prime minister now proposes an extension through July.

Great Britain is in lockdown despite a successful vaccination campaign so far. Some time ago a step-by-step plan was presented, which should safely return the island to normal. It also stipulated that the travel ban will be lifted on May 17. However, a new bill now provides for an extension until June 30. As mentioned in the “The Points Guy UK” report.. The vote will take place on Thursday.

Step by step out of the insurance

Great Britain has been severely affected by the Coronavirus several times, and the situation seemed difficult to control, especially in recent times after the emergence of the mutated British virus. Meanwhile, new infections were reported only in the average four-digit range. Advances in vaccination on the island are already showing the impact and the British should be able to look forward to a return to normal life. For this purpose, a step-by-step plan was introduced some time ago, which was supposed, among other things, to enable domestic travel, but also international travel later. All Britons are currently subject to a strict travel ban, according to which tourist travel is not permitted under any circumstances and is punishable by heavy penalties.

This gradual plan envisioned the possibility of allowing the British to travel internationally without restrictions again starting May 17. However, this is now on the brink of a new draft law. Accordingly, Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to vote tomorrow, Thursday, on whether to extend the travel ban until June 30. Therefore, the ban on tourist trips must continue until the new date. However, if people make their way to airports or seaports, they could be threatened with heavy fines of up to £ 5,000.

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You must decide the Global Travel Task Force

In no case should the new date be set on stone. In Great Britain, the Global Travel Task Force will decide if and when tourism travel is possible. It will decide whether the first planned facilities for inbound travel can be implemented from April 12th. The date May 17, which was designated for the general lifting of the travel ban, stands or falls accordingly.

We are seeing a third wave rising in some parts of Europe, new changes, and it is very important that we protect the progress we have made. It shows what the international challenge is, and what we need to do is work as much as we can together, but it also explains why we should be careful about international travel.

Matt Hancock, Health Secretary Matt Hancock interviewed by Sky News

The responsible authorities on the British side feel unstable by the impending third wave. The number of injuries and thus the value of the injury is increasing in Germany. The fact that the numbers are increasing is largely due to virus mutations, which are noticeably more contagious than the original variant of the Coronavirus. So a politician from Boris Johnson’s cabinet suggests that all European countries could be put on the list of dangers – the British would then be banned from traveling to these areas, and vice versa.

London England

The current list of Great Britain includes 35 countries around the world, which basically have to struggle with high infection values ​​and virus variants. Travelers from these countries can still travel to Great Britain, but they have to go into quarantine for ten days. This is spent on dedicated accommodation and costs £ 1,750 for single travelers, and meals and transport are included.

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Conclusion on the possible extension of the travel ban

Due to the increasing number of infections in continental Europe, Great Britain is forced to take more measures for international travel. First and foremost, this could mean extending the travel ban for British citizens until July. However, European countries or the entire continent can also be found in the list of countries at risk in the future. It is currently impossible to predict which direction the government is headed. We will follow further developments.