May 22, 2024

One of the mods made the Nintendo 64 smaller than the original controller

Take an old console and make it as small as possible Well-established tradition In the mod community, there might be a new victor in the race to shrink the Nintendo 64 as much as possible (Across Enter). GmanModz has cut the N64 to the point where it’s smaller than a GameCube controller – and just a bit larger than the cartridges it requires.

Mod vs N64 controller
Photo: GmanModz

Yes, cartridges. This isn’t an emulator, this is an actual Nintendo 64 that’s cut, welded and modified to fit a portable package, complete with screen, battery, and controls (the Nintendo Switch joysticks, chosen for its tiny size).

The screen size is three and a half inches, it is smaller than what I was used to when running the N64, and it has a resolution of 320 x 240. The case is made of two different types of plastic, with the back being more heat-resistant – an important consideration when using a motherboard designed to be in unit Spacious home control.

Photo of a Nintendo 64 motherboard seated in a small case.

In order to match it with this small form factor, the N64 motherboard had to cut out all non-essential parts.
Photo: GmanModz

The mod tool is no stranger to making portable versions of the console: they’ve also modified it in a file Form factor inspired by the Game Boy Advance SP (Twice). For this mod, they gave themselves a challenge: Don’t custom-make any panels. There are some third-party panels inside which were available at an online mod store, but they weren’t made specifically for this design. GmanModz says this was “to be fair” for the previously youngest N64 record holder.

In the video showing the project, GmanModz admits that it’s not the greatest portable experience of the Nintendo 64. But that’s not really the point – the goal was to make the smallest portable N64, and it looks like they achieved it. “Battery life is poor, and it’s inconvenient to carry around, but hey. It fits in my pocket. Is your N64?”

Photo: GmanModz

As expected with this small, portable device, the battery only lasts about an hour and a half. But hey, if you are seeking a Super Mario 64 Speed ​​running recordThis may be all you need.

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