April 22, 2024

Olympia 2016: Canadian swimmer condorelli with middle finger ritual

Olympia 2016: Canadian swimmer condorelli with middle finger ritual

While other swimmers listen to music before a competition or withdraw peacefully, Canadian Santo Condorelli extends his middle finger to the crowd. What wows the crowd is an essential part of the 21-year-old’s race – here you can find out why.

What happened to this swimmer? Canadian Santo Condorelli stands at the edge of the pool with his middle finger showing in the crowd.

The 21-year-old doesn’t want to offend anyone with this gesture – it’s rather his very own ritual of happiness.

There is a long history behind it: When an Italian-born swimmer was eight years old, he often had to fight anxiously before swimming competitions. Especially when it comes to older opponents, he found it difficult.

His father and then his coach Joseph Condorelli took a measure to calm his son.

Dad’s idea

Now tell Canadian broadcaster BCB how he helped his son at that time: “You have to strengthen your confidence and at the same time send a signal to everyone: Damn it, now I’m swimming!”

The middle finger ritual is born. Santo Condorelli remembers his father’s actions and says, “He said to me,” Show me the middle finger when you’re behind your starting barrier and I’ll take it back to you. “

Somewhat unusual rituals. But father and son seem to understand each other. Since then, Condorelli’s middle finger can be seen before each race – and it looks like it actually brings him luck.

Also at the beginning in Rio

Because in November, the young Canadian defeated 19-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps. At the Pan Am Games last year, he won four precious metals. At the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Condorelli competed in the 50 m, 100 m freestyle and 100 m butterfly races.

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