June 23, 2024

Arceus has a successful UK launch • JPGAMES.DE

Arceus has a successful UK launch • JPGAMES.DE

Pokemon Legends: Arceus It does some things differently, but not all. It also sells well – as always, some will say. There are no figures from Nintendo yet, but today there is a first rating from Great Britain.

There, Pokémon Legends: Arceus has the fourth best launch in Pokémon history. It outperformed Sinnoh’s recently released but underperformed Pokémon Sword and Shield, according to GamesIndustry. mentioned.

GamesIndustry ranks: January is traditionally a fairly quiet month, and Arceus came out just two months after the last Pokémon was released. In this light, Arceus’ findings can be said to deserve more credit.

GamesIndustry has evaluated physical sales data for the following listing. Numerical numbers, which of course play an increasingly important role, are not included, especially in the recent history of the series.

Biggest UK launches in terms of sales:

  1. sun moon
  2. sword / shield
  3. Alpha Sphere / Omega Robin
  4. Mythology: Arceus
  5. Black and white
  6. shining diamond / shining pearl
  7. X&Y
  8. Let’s Go Evoli/Pikachu
  9. yellow pokemon
  10. Heart Gold/Silver Soul

If the numbers are correct, the Pokémon Company and Nintendo will soon follow with concrete global sales numbers. your information?

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