UK PM: Rishi Sunak has earned around £4.7m as of 2020

Wealthy Prime Minister

This is how much Rishi Sunak earns

Under intense pressure, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak released his tax returns.


£1.05m tax paid since 2020: UK PM Rishi Sunak. (archive photo)

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  • British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has come under fire in recent months over his luxurious lifestyle and tax compliance with his wealthy wife, Akshata Murti.

  • Now he has published his tax returns.

  • In the three years to 2022, he earned the equivalent of CHF 5.3 million.

Prime Minister with millions income: British Prime Minister According to his tax returns, Rishi Sunak earned around £4.7m, including capital gains, in the three years to 2022. The former investment banker has paid taxes of around £1.05m on his earnings from income and capital gains since 2020, according to For documents released on Wednesday after great public pressure.

The Sunak family’s private finances have been a topic of discussion in the UK for months: the conservative head of government has come under fire in recent months over his luxurious lifestyle and tax compliance with his wealthy wife, Akshata Murti.

Heated private pool

The Sunday Times estimated the couple’s personal wealth at £730 million for their list of Britain’s richest people, higher than that of King Charles III. The Guardian recently reported that Sunak – who, according to his tax records, earned around £1.9m in 2022 alone – has a private heated pool at his home in his constituency in northern England.

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At a time when millions of British citizens are suffering from skyrocketing energy and food prices, the opposition Labor Party is using the prime minister’s lifestyle as evidence that he has nothing to do with the lives of ordinary people.

Women have not paid taxes for a long time

Trained at a private school and then the famous University of Oxford, Sunak worked for the investment firm Goldman Sachs and two hedge funds before his political career. When he became finance minister in 2020, Snack put his private holdings into a so-called blind trust run by an independent trustee.

He has been pressured to publish his tax returns, especially since it was revealed that his wife Akshata Murti had long ago used her “non-resident” status to avoid paying taxes in the UK – and that’s when Sunak was already finance minister. Murty eventually agreed to pay the amount of tax owed on her worldwide income.

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