July 16, 2024

UK Election Analysis – The Battle for the UK Begins

UK Election Analysis – The Battle for the UK Begins

The success of the British vaccination program, unprecedented in Western Europe, contributed to the widespread approval of Johnson.

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So far, there have been no signs of remorse in the pro-Brexit areas.

The pandemic allowed Johnson to break with his party’s old austerity policies.

Boris Johnson has been completely underestimated by the Labor Party.

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Scotland Winner: Nicola Sturgeon's Scottish National Party plans to hold a new referendum on Scottish independence.

The use of the “headquarters” of the veto against the independence referendum would not be effective.

Because the “headquarters” veto would be useless. This will only get more separatist supporters in Scotland. And yet half of Scots tend to separate from England.

Without the Labor Party’s opportunity to oust Johnson from power in the near future, it is likely that many Scots will want to be able to decide their own destiny without letting the “English Conservatives” dictate their future. Here he preached a bitter battle for the sake of sustained cohesion in the United Kingdom.