April 22, 2024


Online system logistics improves B2C business – openPR

(openPR) Variable Freight Quantities, Unusual Dimensions, and Odd Schedules – B2C shipments pose significant challenges to general cargo logistics. In order to make operations more efficient, the ONLINE Systemlogistik (OSL) public freight network is now opening up new horizons.

OSL recorded a 10 percent increase in shipments and a 13 percent increase in tonnage over the previous year. Much of this is due to the growing demand for B2C businesses. In order for the goods to be delivered on time and reliably in the future, the General Cargo Association is reorganizing its operations: from September 1, the receiving freight forwarder will notify national shipments of a specific date, but the freight forwarder. This means that it is clear at the beginning of the supply chain when delivery must take place. This means more security planning for everyone involved.

New processes for more efficient transportation planning

In the future, the procedure will look like this: when a freight forwarder receives a request from his customer to deliver a shipment within Germany to a private recipient, he takes the goods from the customer and puts them in his warehouse for a short time . He then arranges a delivery appointment with the recipient, by phone or email. Only after the appointment is successfully confirmed, does he enter the shipment into the ONLINE system’s logistics network. The receiving forwarder is automatically informed of the arrival of the shipment and the recommended delivery date at the final recipient: he already knows whether he needs to reserve space for temporary storage or organize express forwarding.

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If desired, the special recipient will receive an email notification one day before the agreed delivery – if the announced date is no longer suitable, a new appointment can now be arranged. If a telephone notification is also required on the day of delivery, the driver will announce one hour prior to delivery.

Compared to the previous process, OSL makes deliveries to end customers more efficient and ensures smooth flow of information between logistics partners and customers in the B2C area. Unplanned and unexpected shipments in receiving warehouses and time-consuming rescheduling are largely a thing of the past.

The current product range covers it all

Marcella Rennecke, who heads quality management at OSL and New, explains the process in the Working Group Factor played a key role in its development. But the initial and final transfers must also be planable and transparent in order to function optimally. Flexibility often comes at the expense of quality – if you “push shipments in between” you risk other shipments not arriving on time. It is precisely these risks that the new notification procedure avoids.”

With new processes, existing fixed appointment products, and automatic recipient notification by email, OSL is well positioned for national B2C business and other deliveries with appointments. A special B2C product is not planned.

Online Systemlogistik

With 86 owner-managed national and international logistics companies, certified quality standards and shipment tracking throughout Europe, ONLINE Systemlogistik GmbH & Co. KG is one of Europe’s leading medium-sized general freight associations. 86 locations and four hubs ensure comprehensive and sustainable transport logistics in Germany. The secured loading unit reaches eight floor spaces, three load meters, and five tons per road.

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ONLINE carries out international transfers with more than 20 partners in Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain and the Czech Republic. The range of international services is complemented by the cooperation with allnet, the integration of the public freight networks ASTRE palet System in France, One Express in Italy and Palletforce in Great Britain.