U20 World Cup in Canada. The Swiss national team begins with an exploit against Finland.

A quick blink: Swiss Jonas Deibel fights Finn Tobias Villain


The Swiss youth ice hockey team got off to a great start at the U20 World Championships in Canada with a 3-2 win after extra time.

After just 41 seconds of overtime, Swiss U20 national team captain Attilio Biasca and Canada’s junior Halifax Mooseheads tied the game. Two points against Finland, who are always medal contenders, were not in the budget, but they were deserved.

The Swiss trailed only once after 23 minutes and Konsta Kapanen made it 0:1. Lorenzo Canonica, who plays in the Canadian Junior League, managed to tie it in the middle third. SC Bern’s Jérémy Zapola proved that home work was also good for the 2-1 goals after almost five minutes in the final third. This lead only lasted three and a half minutes, otherwise it would have been three points.

Head coach Marco Baier’s side will need to secure a surprise win when they meet the weak Latvians on Tuesday. Another win would open the door to the quarter-finals.


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