May 18, 2024

How Connor Bedard is taking the ice hockey world by storm

Den Highlight Connor Bedard had a save in the final third. It was on Tuesday, in a friendly against Switzerland. Canada’s U-20s were leading 5-0 when Bedard raced wide right. Just when everyone thought he was going to run down the other side, he played the puck behind his back without looking at teammate Shane Wright, who should have been zero. What followed was the usual: raucous fans, stunned reporters, social media frenzy.

This is how it should continue when the U-20 World Cup takes place on Boxing Day Canada the beginning. This 17-year-old Connor Bedard wants to take the ice hockey world by storm. And he wants to give back to the fans in the homeland of the game the fun of meeting the best junior players. It lost recently: last year’s World Cup was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, and the tournament in August was overshadowed by revelations of a corruption scandal at the association’s event in 2018. Politics and the judiciary intervened, the big arenas were empty, and Hockey Canada’s board of directors resigned. While investigations are still ongoing, Canadian fans are ready to enjoy the World Cup again. One reason: Bedard — the biggest ice hockey talent in the world for years.

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