Toni Kroos vs Nils Cabin: Stop the discussion!

IIn German football, two men have been in the spotlight since Champions League winner Toni Kroos cut an interview with ZDF reporter Nils Kabin over alleged ‘mysterious questions’. You have to understand Millionaire Cross. On the faraway planet where he lives as a professional soccer player, there are naturally no headwinds.

To all the Curves class fighters (and editors): You don’t betray your ideals when you criticize a ZDF reporter, who doesn’t really need a nine-euro ticket to go to Sylt. On the Internet this week, “Kaben v Kroos” has been discussed as ideologically as if it were “Roe v Wade”.

Because women in the United States really have to fear for their right to have an abortion, we football fans who live in the land of laptop coaches must wholeheartedly pray Rangnick’s day in and day out that in the summer of 2022 we’ll cross the Tony aisle and questions Niels may ask.

And before we continue to slide into moderation in this awkward debate about how large parts of the German football audience and the German football press are, here’s a cheap sentence: If you think Corentin Tolisso, there was at least more communication between Kaben and Kroos than there was. At Bayern Munich at the moment.

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