Simon Bloom’s future without Cole Hill –

He was number two behind Alice in Simon and Hansey Bloom’s stable: Cole Hill. The testicle has grown from a timid giant to a major prize winner in recent years. Now he has found a new owner.

Cool Hill – full name DSP Cool Hill, nickname “Cooli” – was part of the four-legged team consisting of Simone Blum and her husband Hans-Günther “Hansi” Blum for five years. German Sports Horse v. Corlensky G-Al Cantino was born in 2010 in the state stud of Brandenburg in Neustadt (Doss). Gray completed his first show jump tests with a pride of 1.78 meters under Florian Kop, before moving to Blooms’ Stable in Bavaria at the age of six.

Simone Blum wrote on Instagram: “At first you were definitely not the horse you wanted … inexhaustible, peeping, tough, scared. But Hansi always believed in you, deals with you every day, because you always showed your talent and your incredible jumping ability. When I was allowed into your saddle at the age of eight, we had initial difficulties, but quickly became a great team!”

Reaching (five) stars together

From smaller first tests, Simone Blum and Cool Hill have made their way to the top in the past few years – in the truest sense of the word. The two competed at CHIO Aachen, among others, and were placed in five-star classes. For example, the pair succeeded in Saint-Tropez and Valkensward in 2020 and also won the Munich Rim Grand Prix. In 2021, they were able to prove their level and only win the Raiders Tour stage in Munich a few weeks ago.

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Cool Hill was a family member and “the sweetest, sweetest horse one could wish for,” says Simone Bloom. So many tears were shed at the farewell. “We’ve been through a lot together and you’ve always been my best friend by my side, the white beauty with dark, dark eyes. I had a hard time getting past your empty box today, but I know you’ve found a beautiful new home and it will make your owner happy. I wish you all the best in the world on your new path and look forward to seeing you Fly through the course with your new rider.”

How Show jumping world Reports, Cool Hill is now heading to Ashford Farm in the US. There he is said to have run under the leadership of Stephanie Carroll, wife of Ashford ranch owner, Inda Carroll.

Cecil’s stable neighbor is also of Ashford’s farm

But the Carol family did not stop at the purchase of a horse from Simon Bloom. Eight-year-old Cecil was also sold to Ashford Farm. The Contargos brand’s daughter of the Oldenburg Show Jumper was only taken over by Simon Blum at the beginning of this year. Hansi Bloom personally brought it to international sport before sport horse racer Bloom submitted his mare to more challenging tasks: Adam Morgan.

Under Simon Blume, Cecile managed to win the 1.40m race and finished fifth in the 1.45m jump with a jump at Munich-Rim.

Simone Bloom wrote on her social media channels about the sale of Cool Hill and Cecil: “For me, this decision of course also means that my riding career has stopped at the most difficult levels.” She now wants to put all her strength and energy into promoting the young horses. Its great hope to get back up to speed soon rests on Cellvista. Bloom also took the reins of this seven-year-old mare from Adam Morgan in the spring.

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