December 4, 2023

Thomas Anders: His son catches the eye during Canada tour

Thomas Anders During the tour of Canada, his son becomes the center of attention

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Thomas Anders is heading to Canada for a tour — but the former “Modern Talking” star isn’t alone. His son accompanies him, much to the delight of the singer’s supporters.

Four stops are planned in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver to offer musical delights to fans of the 60-year-old Thomas Anders. Not just singer Sandra, 61, but also providing emotional support is Thomas Anders’ son Alexander Weidung, 21. The first photo of the trip, which has just surfaced on Instagram, is “very popular among Cheri Cheri’s followers. Lady.” -Singer creates excitement.

Thomas Anders: His son is the focus here

Father and son stand close together on the streets of Toronto. Thomas Anders writes about the shared photo: “This time my son is accompanying me on my Canada tour, which makes me very proud.” A selection of hashtags reveals the close bond between father and son: #familybusiness and #fatherson are written there. However, it’s not just the carefully chosen and emotional words that are impressive, but also how mature Alexander is.

They interpret the autumn look in their own way

Thickly covered, these two are armed against the chilly winds. Father Thomas chooses an autumnal look in blue, which is especially impressive with a thin coat and rich jeans. Lined winter boots are modern and make the musician look younger and younger. Instead, son Alexander opts for a mix of black and cognac. A dark turtleneck sweater paired with a double-breasted coat and polished shoes make the 21-year-old look like a young movie star.

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“Your son is big and handsome”

Thomas Anders fans couldn’t believe their eyes. How is it that his son is already so grown up? Compliments poured in in various languages: “Supermodels… father and son,” writes one friendly user. Looking at the look, another user commented: “How elegant you look,” describing the elegance as “natural”. Alexander in particular does well; What stands out about him is his size, he has now surpassed his father: “Your son is so handsome and beautiful,” says one fan.

Thomas Anders has been married to his wife Claudia Hess (51) since 2000. Their son Alexander Mick Weyden was born two years later.