December 4, 2023

This is how you can tie a Grigri to have your hands free

Anyone using Petzl’s Grigri always has one hand on the brake cable, despite the brake force boost system. If you want to have both hands free during installation, for example to untangle ropes, you can tie a Grigri. Here’s how it works.

Petzl’s Grigri was launched in 1991 and has remained an integral part of the climbing process even three decades later. Many climbers appreciate having this safety device handy, especially when rock climbing on difficult routes. Sooner or later, situations arise in which it is useful to leave both hands free for a moment. Here we show how you can tie a Grigri so that you can use both hands without endangering your rope partner:

How to tie Grigri from Petzl:

Even if you prefer and primarily use a specific safety device like the Grigri, it is a safety-related advantage to also know how to hook up an HMS, Smart, or Tuber/ATC. The following video explains the process clearly and in detail.

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Credits: Cover image Petzel