February 24, 2024

This is an easy way to clean your nose when you have a cold

During the cold season, sooner or later, everyone is bothered by a stuffy nose. The handkerchief becomes a constant companion. But there are solutions that many people do not know about. With these clever tricks, you can clear your nose and breathe easier in less than two minutes.

Step 1: Place the tongue on the roof of your mouth to clear your nose

What to do if you have a cold and a bad runny nose? with this road You can clean your nose very quickly – and it works very simply: He presses First with Tip of the tongue to again against the palate. Relax the tongue again, and repeat this process several times.

At the same time, press your middle and index fingers on the spot between your eyebrows and release them again after a second. Repeat this exercise several times in a row with the same rhythm with your tongue.

Step 2: Hold your breath and blow your nose

Then take a deep breath. Tilt your head back and cover your nose with your hand. Now it’s time to hold your breath. But only as much as you can and it doesn’t become uncomfortable. Then open your nose and breathe deeply. Now your nose should be really clear!

In the clip: This top trick cleans your nose when you have a cold!

Other home remedies to clean your nose

Once you catch a cold, you will lie down for several days. This should not be the case, because there are treatments that can protect you from a cold or something like that symptoms clearly mitigationIf you have already caught him. Here are some tools and home remedies for colds that you can use to clean your nose.

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Rinse your nose with salt water

One Nasal irrigation It can clear the nose and significantly relieve symptoms. To do this, you have to fill out one Nasal shower According to the instructions with one Salt water solution He lets the water run through his nose. Thus, the stuck mucus is transported to the outside. Mucous membranes are also protected by Pathogens And Dirt Cleaned. However, the nose must be clear enough for the salt water solution to pass through. The application can be repeated several times a day.

Spicy food: Onions and hot peppers for a clear nose

What do onions, garlic, radishes, and hot peppers have in common? Right, this one Permeable materials. This can Fighting bacteria, viruses and fungi Thus supporting your immune system. Spicy food is an excellent remedy for colds. In addition, there is an old home remedy to smell onions if you want to clear your nose.

It is also interesting: you can do all this with onions or lose weight with hot peppers – that’s how it works

Clean your nose by sniffing and taking a hot shower

If you have a cold, you can do something good for your nose by: Inhaler Rooting. The device in the pharmacy does not work on the bronchi, as many people mistakenly believe, but it works for them Upper respiratory tract Is it very effective. Steam makes them… Mucous membranes are wet Many active ingredients can be used against it, such as chamomile ignition He works. This will help loosen the mucus better and clear your nose more quickly. For the same reasons, a hot shower also helps relieve the discomfort associated with the common cold.

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By the way, it is recommended to use an inhaler for safety when inhaling. You can also use a bowl of hot water, but the risk of injury is very high if the bowl is tipped over.

Tapping a stuffy nose

Something like that Thymus gland he heard? no? Then the time is now. Due to its many immune cells, it can make a significant contribution to ensuring that you have and maintain a clean nose. To do this, you first have to activate it several times a day He taps the chest five centimeters below the collarbone.

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