December 4, 2023

Third Plenum + Interview on the USA and China • China.Table

  • Disagreement over direction before the Third Plenum of the Central Committee
  • Meredith Owen sees mistakes in the United States and China
  • China talks with the Islamic world about the Middle East
  • The Taiwanese opposition failed to elect candidates
  • Guangzhou Auto Show with electric innovations
  • Mechanical engineer unhappy working in China
  • Alibaba pauses parts of the company’s restructuring
  • Bosses: Hamburg’s Taiwanese friend Gerd Boeskin

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Late autumn, one year after the CPC Congress, is always the time for the so-called Third Plenary Session of the Central Committee. Between party congresses, which meet only every five years, the entire Central Committee meets only about seven times; Therefore, each of the numbered plenary sessions is held only every five years. the 3. The plenary session in the Communist Party calendar is traditionally the session in which the party determines the future direction of economic policy:More openness or more control? Strengthening private companies or state-owned companies?

The next third plenum is I’m lateAs Finn Mayer Kukoc explains. The fact that there is no date yet is a signal that state and party leader Xi Jinping must balance the party’s internal ideas about reforms.

Meanwhile, the China-US relationship has been in focus since the summit between Xi and US President Joe Biden. The hope is that Both superpowers They were finally able to stabilize their difficult relationships. American historian Meredith Owen In an interview with Michael Radunsky, he explains the mistakes made by both sides. And what the United States can do better.

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Waiting and hoping for the third plenum: discussing reform under Xi

It is currently unclear to the outside world to what extent Discussions within the Chinese Communist Party take place. Even experts can only speculate about this. Events surrounding the upcoming third plenum of the Central Committee now indicate this There is more disagreement than it seems among Governor Xi Jinping, at least when it comes to economic policy.

The focal point is that Economic policy. In the third plenary session, the party leadership traditionally determines the course of economic policy. Exactly ten years ago, at the Third Plenum in 2013, Xi approved the reform program but did not implement it out of his desire for control. Now the accusation is that he is wasting opportunities to stimulate the economy. Because growth in China is currently weakening.

The Myth of the Third Plenum

The Central Committee of the Communist Party is composed of 205 of the strongest cadres from all over the country and is the core of the Party. As a rule, they meet at least once a year for a general assembly: the plenum. Each Central Committee exists for a period of five years between two Party Congresses. The Twentieth Central Committee is currently assuming its duties.

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