March 1, 2024

disney candy

They get paid $ 30 an hour. For dessert while watching Disney +

Credit: Disneylandfoody via Instagram

Do you like to eat unlimited amounts of free food Candy during the Disney + broadcast? Well what if we told you that you could get paid to sit at home and do exactly that?

Disney candy
Credit: Disneylandfoody via Instagram

The Canadian company Candy Funhouse is currently looking for “candy experts” to sample, review and taste products. The remote job is offering $ 30 an hour to its employees with a strong sweet tooth to help pick 10 new and original candies for their inaugural Candy Funhouse line from among its 3,000 products. This is a task I volunteer for, so why not pay to do it!

Disney candy
Credit: victoria__v21 via Instagram

According to the site, Candy Funhouse is hiring “Candyologists” both full time and part time. The job description reads:

Do you like sweets and chocolate?

Are you passionate about sweets and exploring current and off-the-shelf products?

If so, then this might be the ideal situation for you!

We are currently looking for full time and part time candy and chocolate taste testers, also known as “candy experts”!

Candidates must have enthusiasm and enthusiasm for trying confectionery products. We are looking for honest and objective opinions about the products whose taste will be tested. Candidates will be responsible for tasting and reviewing the 3,000 products we currently offer.

Candidates will also play a major role in selecting the candy that will be part of the first candy Funhouse-branded candy line. 10 new and innovative candy creations will be identified and narrowed out of 100 possible options. Here at Candy Funhouse, sweets are a science!

Disney candy
Credit: abbiejlynch via Instagram

The best thing about the post except Unlimited eating of sweets and chocolate, Is that you can do it anywhere you want. The days of aiming are over Disney + movie night I wonder how I spent $ 45 on a bag of snacks. Now, you can officially get paid to do so! It really is a job that you and your dentist will love!

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If you want to watch The MandalorianAnd the WandaVisionOr, classic Disney like Beauty and the beast With a bar of chocolate in hand, Click here to apply!

Can you apply for “Candy World” for $ 30.00 an hour? What Disney + movie or show would you like to stream while watching it?