March 2, 2024

These teams are the winning teams in Canada

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For two weeks, two-man teams played 7 vs. You have to fight for survival in the wild. After 16 episodes, it's now clear who really won this one.

Vancouver Island – In the sixteenth episode of 7 vs. Wild Season 3, a big reveal happens on Amazon Freevy. Who stuck to the end? Not everyone succeeded in this feat as some had to give up early for various reasons. Some others surprised the fans with their strong performances. We will tell you which teams will emerge as winners from Season 3.

7 vs. Wild Season 3 Winners: Which Contestants Last Longest?

Winning Teams in Season 3: Seven groups of two each traveled together to Canada. They were certainly initially optimistic about their time in the wilderness. But unforeseen obstacles continued to make it difficult to safely expose themselves to the fierce nature.

After all, wolves lurk here and can't consume every food source without worry. In addition, conditions at various locations around Vancouver Island were not favorable for every team. Ultimately, there were four premature stops. The following teams remained, which officially won 7 Season 3 vs. the Wild:

  • Monkey and Hannah
  • Papablot and Reese
  • Nossi and Sasha

Here's how the winners were chosen: On day 14, the endurance test can now be considered passed for the rest of the participants. After they make the final preparations for their collection, they finally go to sleep there. The next morning they are gradually collected by a boat. Here they are announced as the winners of the third season. In a happy ending, the winners reunite with the evicted candidates and their loved ones on the beach.

These are the winners of 7 vs. Wild Season 3 © Freepik / 7 vs. Wild (Montage)

Disadvantaged: Especially the success of Papablot and Reese has impressed the fans. At the start of the season there were many voices who didn't believe either of them could win. “'The Minecraft players', they did it too. […] They proved it to all of you“, Nasi aptly mentions as he waves to Poppablot and Reese as they take off. Monkey and Hanna are also somewhat subject to the audience's suspicions. Hanna reiterates that on the day before departure, they let go of all doubts.

7 vs. Wild Season 3 Winners: These teams are winless

Why were the other teams eliminated? If you want to know more about how other teams drop, you can read it all here:

Was it in 7 vs. Wild season 3? Although 16 episodes have now been released on Freevi, the seventeenth bonus episode is yet to be released on YouTube. However, it will only be available once the main series is fully uploaded there.