May 19, 2024

There will soon be Pokémon Gyms in Palworld

We were recently able to play the big Pocketpair update for Palworld. Now we have already received the following news: Palworld is scheduled to get a Palworld PvP Arena this year, where we can let our friends compete against other players. Are you ready to become the best Poké Trainer, in Palworld?

Tripartite initiative

For those of you who were looking for something new to compare to Pokémon, here you have it. Arenas, of course, are very similar to the well-known Pokemon arenas that we've all learned to love or hate.

Pal Arena is intended to be an update that allows players to pit their friends against other players. This innovation was introduced during the Triple-i initiative. Pocket pairthe developer behind Palworld, has released a teaser that briefly introduces the Palworld PvP Arena.

Source: Pocket Pair

Teaser and release date

There wasn't much to see in the Pal Arena teaser, but we still don't want to keep it from you. In the trailer, two teams can be seen facing each other in what looks like a coliseum. Yes, that was it again. You can now point out that you saw some attacks from a friend or player, but apart from that, that's about it.

We've also been denied an exact release date. The only information we've gotten is that this update is scheduled to arrive “later this year.” For those who haven't watched the trailer yet, we've included it here.

What is the Triple-i initiative?

The event is presented by a coalition of independent developers called the Triple-i Initiative. They describe themselves as: “A mysterious initiative from the people who created Darkest Dungeon, Risk of Rain 2, Slay the Spire, Vampire Survivors, V Rising and many more.”

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In a short time, news was presented about nearly 40 games of very different genres. These included, for example, platformers or roguelikes, titles, sequels and brand new downloadable content (DLC). There are also free demos for some games on Steam.

Discover Pocketpair's new Palworld PvP arena!  Compete against others in epic battles and become the ultimate champion.
Source: Pocket Pair

What awaits us in the future?

Pocket pair It has already announced that a “bigger, more content-rich update” is coming later this summer, which will add a new island, additional buildings, and more friends to catch up with. Maybe the Palworld PvP Arena will be included in this update, or maybe it won't arrive until later in the year – either way, you should prepare your friends for the fight.