December 10, 2023

iMessage feedback will soon be supported by Android

iMessage feedback will soon be supported by Android

Android will soon be able to display reactions from iMessage alongside messages. However, Google does not rely on emojis from Apple.

The basics in brief

  • Android will soon be able to receive emoji reactions from iMessage.
  • The change is still in beta.
  • It is still unclear when it will be rolled out across the board.

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The problem with that is that these reactions are often proprietary. This is exactly where the problem was: if an Android user sent an SMS to someone with an Apple device, they wouldn’t be able to send the emoji to interact properly.

As a workaround, Android users have received so far Messages, which describes the symbol in question. But that may soon change now. As “9to5google” reports, Google is working on a solution.

In the future, Android should be able to display reactions as with iMessage next to the actual message. However, Google currently only uses smileys for this type of translation. For example, if an Apple user sends a heart in response, it returns as a smile with heart eyes. This can lead to misunderstanding.

It looks like Google is slowly rolling out the feature to some beta users. It is not currently clear when this will happen to all users.

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