September 29, 2023

There are partnerships that no one needs

Exploitation and suffering – this is what the Chinese fast fashion giant Shen created. Now the company is teaming up with Forever 21. Some hardcore capitalists will be happy about this. comment.

There are collaborations that no one needs. For example because it’s just a PR stunt – or it doesn’t produce anything good. Excluding capital. But even he, as well as his accumulation, no longer received unconditional applause. There is a lot of exploitation and suffering of the environment Unbridled capitalism Already created.

One such collaboration is the new partnership between Shein and Forever 21: a collaboration from Fast Fashion hell For Chinese fashion retailer in special benefits.

Ultimately, the merger allows Shein to do just that Access to American malls. Until now, the Chinese fast fashion brand has only been active as an online retailer. Forever 21, on the other hand, is one of the largest so-called fast fashion chains in the USA that relies heavily on storefronts. It holds 414 in the United States alone.

Shen: Very cheap commodities, opaque supply chains – exploitation

As Shein announced on Thursday, the company now owns a third of Forever 21’s parent company, Sparc Group. Sparc, in turn, acquires a minority stake in Shein. Forever 21 also wants to cash in on the Chinese brand’s business.

And that’s what it’s all about. In the Shein Business Model Center It means very cheap goods, which are especially popular with young men and which seamstresses have to gradually produce. The clothes are mainly made of polyester, and the supply chains are not transparent. The NGOs also revealed poor working conditions in some of the companies that produce for Shin. An analysis by Greenpeace also found dangerous chemicals on Shane’s clothes. Anyone who returns an order can expect the garment to travel halfway around the world in a CO2-intensive way, as GPS tracking devices have recently shown in the context of research.

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System success

Meanwhile, fairly famous people are advertising their so-called shopping trips on Instagram and TikTok – their outfits that they got for a little money from the online retailer. Which perpetuates the cycle of environmental pollution and exploitation. Shein doesn’t publish any balance sheet numbers, and according to experts, sales are likely to be around $30 billion. By 2025 it should be 60 billion. A huge deal, because of which Shin is currently being criticized in Washington. Reason: production conditions and any breaches of trade agreements.

About the possibility of Shein being in the USA Planning to go public, has been speculated for months. And if it does happen, the anti-environmental dream of some hard-line capitalist would be perfect.

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